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One Sky Project

One Sky Project is an international collaboration focused on increasing understanding about cultural and indigenous astronomy, its historical and modern applications, and how our One Sky connects us all.

6 Perspectives

On Cultural & Indigenous Astronomy

One Sky Project Perspectives on cultural and indgenous astronomy.

How We See It

Wooden Earth

7 Planetarium Film Shorts

7 films that touch on the topics of finding patterns and building tools that foster connection to the sky and leverage astronomical phenomena to advance societal goals.
Model Work

30 Months

From ideas, to scripts, to films — The One Sky Project developed these short films through a highly collaborative process that involved an international team of astronomers, planetarium professionals, educators, and cultural experts.

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8 Premieres

There will be eight premieres in 2022.

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8 Premieres
1000s of Wishes Upon a Star
A participatory project that shares your wishes with others around the world.
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1000s of Planetariums Worldwide
Starting June 1, 2022 any planetarium in the world can show this in their planetarium, for free.

One shared sky

One shared sky